Meatballs (120 meatballs– serves approx. 15) $36.00  (cocktail or marinara sauce)

Wings .75 each (dry rubbed 24 hrs. ahead with our own spice blend & baked in the oven until crispy) Sauces, celery, blue cheese dip offered at an additional cost.

Shrimp Cocktail   (serves 12)     $48.00 + (based on current market)

Buffalo Chicken Dip (serves 10)   $32.00 (served with tortilla chips)

Crab Dip (serves 12-15)    $36.00 (served warm with crackers, assorted cocktail breads)

Beef Pinwheels (approx. 72 pinwheels) $36.00 (flour tortillas, seasoned cream cheese, thinly sliced roast beef, cheddar cheese, rolled together and cut into serving pieces)

Cheese & Crackers $1.75/person

Cheese Ball (serves 12+) $24.00 (served with crackers, can be shaped- i.e., snowman, Block O, pumpkins, etc.)

Nacho Dip (serves 8-12)  $36.00 (seasoned ground beef, refried beans, sour cream, salsa, and cheeses – served hot w/tortilla chips)

Fruit Kabobs (serves 12)  $18.00 (fruits are seasonal choices – can also add a fruit dip or chocolate)

Vegetables and Dip (serves 15-18) $25.00 (assorted vegetables with your choice or ranch or dill dip)

Vegetable Pizza (serves 12)  $24.00 (crescent roll crust, seasoned cream cheese, veggies, topped with cheese – served cold)

Cheesy Caprese Dip (serves 6-8) $24.00 (mozzarella & monterey jack cheeses w/ basil, roma tomatoes, & drizzled with balsamic vinegar – served w/sliced baguettes)

Stuffed Mushrooms  (serves 12)   $36.00

Crab Rangoon Dip (serves 8-10)   $22.50 (served w/pita chips)

Spinach Artichoke Dip (serves 10-12)  $24.00 (served with tortilla chips or cracker/bread of choice)

Cocktail Croissants (serves 20)  $40.00 (filled with chicken salad, ham salad, or deli meats & cheeses)

Braided Sandwich Loaves (serves 6-8) $18.75 (wheat & white breads woven together and filled with thinly sliced deli meats & cheeses)

Chocolate Fountain – (serves 75-100) starts at $100 (price varies w/quantities; served w/various dippers & fresh fruit)

If you would like something not on our menu, ask! We will try our best to accommodate your selections.