Lunch Menu


Cheeseburger Sliders  $1.00 each

(ground round seasoned w/our own blend & hand formed &  grilled. Served on the side –  cheese,  dill pickles, &       garlic aioli or condiments of your choice)

BBQ Pork Sliders (36 sliders) $58.00

Hot Shredded Chicken Sliders (36 sliders) $42.00

Cocktail Croissants

Available fillings are chicken salad, ham salad, turkey & provolone, ham & swiss $2.00 each

roast beef & cheddar $2.50 each

Braided Deli Loaves (serves 6-8) $18.75

(White and wheat braided loaves filled with turkey, ham, swiss & cheddar cheeses – can also be served on croissants instead of the braided loaves)

Veggie Wraps 

(tortillas filled w/variety of fresh salad greens and assorted veggies & strips of provolone cheese.  Dressings:  cilantro-lime sour cream, sundried tomato basil mayo, or ranch).     $2.50  each


Loaded Potato Soup (serves 10-12) $37.50

(served w/crumbled bacon pcs. & sliced green onions – on the side)

Chicken Noodle Soup (serves 15-18) $28.00

Chicken Tortilla Soup (serves 15-18) $50.00

(served w/crushed corn chips)

Cheesy Broccoli Noodle Soup (serves 12-14) $32.25

Southwest Chicken Vegetable Soup (serves 15-18) $45.00

(southwest seasoned chicken, black beans, corn, onion, garlic, lime & cilantro in broth – served w/sour cream & shredded cheddar cheese)

Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup (serves 10-12) $38.25

(cream soup finished w/dry sherry – one of our faves! Great for an appetizer.)


Vegetables & Dip (serves 12-18) $25.00

Macaroni & Cheese (serves 12) $30.00

(three cheeses w/a Panko crumb topping)

Baked Beans  (serves 15-18)  $30.00

Pasta Salad (serves 20-25) $40.00

Layered Salad (serves 12) $40.00

(salad greens, hard cooked eggs, peas, bacon, and Swiss cheese and dressing)

Spinach Salad (serves 10-12) $28.00

Oriental Salad (serves 12) $32.00

(salad greens, red onions, sliced mushrooms, mandarin oranges, caramelized almonds dressed with our own dressing)

Chopped Salad (serves 12)   $36.00

(salad greens, sugared pecans, craisins, blue cheese, bacon, diced pears with our poppy seed dressing)

Sweet & Sour Coleslaw (serves 26-30 – 5 lbs.)  $30.00

Fresh Fruit Salad (serves 12) $26.50 – $36.50 (depends on the season)

Some items can be ordered in smaller quantities. If you have other items that you are interested in, but are not on the menu, please let us know. We can usually accommodate special orders.